This is the FREE Boros Rounded Font by Victor Berbel which is available for both personal and commercial use. For more of Victor's work please visit:
Susan Legault  •  2206 days ago
Nice font. Thanks so much.
Dusti Hennenfent  •  2695 days ago
Thanks! :)
stacy ferguson  •  2733 days ago
I tried to install after downloading but it wouldn't. It said it appears not to be a valid font
Amy West  •  2783 days ago
Love it. Thank you!! :)
GG Steele  •  2813 days ago
Many thanks! :)
Diana King  •  2817 days ago
Thank you for your great work.
Cheryl Tremayne  •  2820 days ago
Thank you!

FREE Boros Rounded Font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Modern


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