This is the all uppercase Butch font by Pere Esquerra a graphic designer from Sant Joan de les Abadesses, Spain. It's a great font for headlines and has a handwritten style and has a hint of a reflection in its lines. It is available for a personal or a commercial licence.
Susan Legault  •  1145 days ago
Thank you so much for this fun typeface which I plan to use in my journalling and card-making, Personal use only.
Fern Barrett  •  1864 days ago
Interesting font. Thank you
Pam Hogben  •  2298 days ago
Many thanks
Yvonne Fountain  •  2502 days ago
Great font, thanks! :)
June Nguyen  •  2753 days ago
Thank you for sharing ~
Barbara Blum  •  2873 days ago
Thank you!
Yolanda Palafox  •  2886 days ago
Phyllis Nelson  •  2891 days ago
Thank You x


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