The Liquide free typeface was created by Philip on his coffee fueled journey into creativity. Each glyph is made anew, but still is based on some pre-existing fonts. It has very soft edges to it yet retains a professional feel. It is also available for commercial use. For more info on Philip visit:
Rev Rhonda  •  413 days ago
Thank you!
mygagy Col  •  1145 days ago
Wow this font looks soooo good! Thank youuu!
amalia Ferreira  •  2526 days ago
Thank you :)
Stephanie Valdez  •  2740 days ago
Love how smooth it is. Thanks!
John Hart  •  2780 days ago
Love this font's sweet roundness. Many thanks!
Tanya Mathers  •  2866 days ago
Fab!!! Thanks!!!
Ratthaphon mac  •  2887 days ago
Thank you!
maria morales  •  3007 days ago
Lower typecase?
Sharon Anscomb  •  3112 days ago
Thank you :)
julianna zdunich  •  3113 days ago
thank you!

FREE Liquide Typeface

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Modern


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