This is the FREE Gabo font by Fabian Korn, it's an all uppercase font that makes use of straight lines with minimal curvature to the letters. It's a strong font that is ideal for use in headlines and could possibly be used in the design of posters too. For more on the designer Fabian Korn visit his Behance page:
Sean Salas  •  2135 days ago
Thank you
Design Pixie  •  2626 days ago
Thank You!!
cristi nokes  •  2685 days ago
Thank you!!
Noah Gilman  •  2810 days ago
Brilliant work, again Mr. Korn. Thank you for sharing.
jay ville  •  2888 days ago
nice font!Thank you for sharing!!
Micah Willingham  •  2890 days ago

FREE Gabo font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Modern


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