This is the FREE Handletter Font by Sasha Koggio which is a pretty funky little font, almost graffiti-esque in its make up. It has that magic touch that combines a fresh feel with a handwritten typeface. For more of Koggio's work please visit: Whilst this font is for personal use, he may consider professional use if you contact him personally. 
M Maree Freeman  •  834 days ago
Thank you so much
M Maree Freeman  •  1188 days ago
Thank you!
Cassie Brock  •  1532 days ago
Thank You!
Lisa Broyles  •  1567 days ago
The actual font file is missing from this download. Only a JPEG attached.
Holley Meade  •  1657 days ago
Go to his link in the description and you can download it from there!
Holley Meade  •  1657 days ago
No file, just image. I love the look of this font! Would love to get it!
Melissa Radford  •  1719 days ago
No font file. Just image of font. Hope you can fix soon. I love this one. Thanks.
YOLANDA CHIZANGA  •  1728 days ago
No font file attached. Please rectify
Vanora Hagen  •  1729 days ago
No font file; just a download of a jpg preview.
Susan Legault  •  1757 days ago
Thank you for sharing this very nice font.

FREE Handletter Font

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