This is the FREE Quirko Font by Shrenik Ganatra which is a slightly futuristic font that has little artistic diamond-esque bumps upon the sides of the letters. It could be used well on digital formats as well as in the media. For more info on Shrenik:
BERNADETTE PRECLOUX  •  1980 days ago
c h  •  2131 days ago
Awesome treat! Thanks.
Hannah Edmond  •  2321 days ago
Thanks for free commercial use.
Helen PENDER   •  2343 days ago
QUIRKO FONT by Shrenik Ganatra is unusual - a great FREE Font!
cris   •  2511 days ago
Thanks for free Commercial License
girts ro  •  2513 days ago
Thank you!
Fernanda Estrada  •  2738 days ago
In this article says the license is commercial but in the pdf attached to the fonts says that is not free for commercial use, only personal, and if you want to use it as commercial you can make a $5 donnation.
Sharon Smith  •  2752 days ago
Michelle Kendrick   •  2842 days ago
Thank You
Michelle Kendrick   •  2842 days ago
Thank You

Free Quirko Font

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