Bonnie Rose  •  2035 days ago
Thank you!
bdedeu bcn  •  2278 days ago
Thanks mate, nice
Mary Lee Parker  •  2289 days ago
Thank you !
October Bumpus  •  2463 days ago
Thank you!
jesse henry   •  2466 days ago
love it but im looking for a very bold text
Joey Magnuson  •  2519 days ago
It's so cute! But clicking the download link brings me to a page that says "Error connecting to database."
Vicki Brown  •  2519 days ago
Thank you much!
Kitty Mead  •  2520 days ago
Thank you!
Jen Harvey  •  2520 days ago
Love the font, thank you. One suggestion. Peenu is adorable and quirky, but the J is sticks out like a sore thumb. It ruins the whole rounded, fun look. Please consider altering the J to have the same fun, rounded feel like the G, S, & B.
Mohamed Mellouky  •  2520 days ago

FREE Font: Peenu Typeface

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Sans Serif


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