Karla Rodriguez  •  1089 days ago
Ooh, love it!!
Miss Diana Allen  •  2056 days ago
A wonderfully cool idea . . . BUT, does not work on US computers it seems. FontBook stated there were 234 glyphs, BUT no programs that use fonts (INCLUDING FontBook) could display any but the uppercase letters and the numerals 0 through 9. Upon further investigation, it seems the individual glyphs (excluding the above notated sets) are not mapped with anything our computers can read. Again, this includes any of the glyphs for punctuation, any lowercase letters, etc.) Once again, it is a really cool idea! Would LOVE to be able to use the font.
Aubriegh Hudson  •  2314 days ago
Just want to let you know that there is something wrong. The only letter that shows is the T. Thank you anyway. =)
Amber Ream  •  2359 days ago
Am I missing something? I was hoping this was the font in the first pictures that says "Russian Dolls Font" but it seems to only be the characters in the 2nd picture with the whole alphabet - is that correct?
October Bumpus  •  2491 days ago
Thank you!
Lisa D.  •  2505 days ago
Ana Luiza Maia  •  2507 days ago
Amazing! Thank you so much!
Olga Litvin  •  2531 days ago
Thank you so much!
Julia Clark  •  2543 days ago
Debi Fraser  •  2546 days ago
Thank you so muvh for the download!!!!

FREE Font: Russian Dolls Typeface

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