Mohit Randeria  •  662 days ago
love it but I'm not get this only because it says Complete License here on website but in image it says Only for Personal Use. Please make up your mind First. Btw Thank you for sharing it, Love this platform.
Mohit Randeria  •  662 days ago
and I've not idea where that Error came from "'"
Dddd Ssss  •  592 days ago
it is your apostrophe that makes the error. :)
Dddd Ssss  •  592 days ago
Well, I am confused too, and there are a lot of fonts here with the same thing...
Cindy Watts  •  965 days ago
This font is so pretty but is it still only for personal use? I'm confused by the complete license. Either way, thank you for this gorgeous font.
Mei Su  •  667 days ago
i have the same confusion
Mei Su  •  667 days ago
i have the same confusion
Theresa Buck  •  761 days ago
Thank you
Jim Conyers  •  784 days ago
How can this be for personal use only if it has a complete license?
Carey Watson  •  1099 days ago
Angelface is absolutely beautiful, Mario! Thank you a million times.
C Bayer  •  1171 days ago
Gorgeous & so elegant. Thank you, Mario Arturo!
Jetty Baak  •  1232 days ago
it's gorgeous, thank you
Shelley Barrette  •  1253 days ago
Thank you
Breanna Turner  •  1279 days ago
Thank you so much!

FREE Font: Angelface - Personal Use Only

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Script


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