Includes 5 PNGs If you want to create your own cat character, just use this wonderful tool: Cat Character Creator. It's a well organised layered psd file that makes it super fun and easy. (Hand-painted watercolor illustration) Get it here with the full version:
Barbara Hall  •  1428 days ago
Thanks for sharing but this download is of the four already created cat characters . There's no way to switch accessories, they're merged into each cat png
Jen Deveney  •  543 days ago
Pat Nicely  •  677 days ago
Thank you ... I LOVE it .. :)
Catherine van Aardt  •  711 days ago
Thank you!
Beth Dufraine  •  810 days ago
Thank You!
Pia Etchebehere  •  1496 days ago
Thank You!
steven Mistisshen  •  1635 days ago
Very nice. Thanks
Forsythia Phlox  •  1829 days ago
I downloaded this and it doesn't contain the .psd. How am I supposed to create the cats?
Saskia Huis  •  1951 days ago
Thank you so so much for al these beautiful freebies, i,m thankfull that i found you and i,m sure i will learn a lot from you, but again, bless you for sharing al of this with us. Love Saskia
Maria del Carmen Rabuñal Barrientos  •  2026 days ago
Thanks for your job. God bless you!
Kd journal  •  2066 days ago

Cat Character Creator Freebie

By TheHungryJPEG in Graphics / Illustrations


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