BetterFly - font family (OFFER $18)

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BetterFly is handwritten modern script family with numerous alternates. It is opentype! It is smart and it is working in Photoshop*! You are welcome to use it for various purposes: logo, wedding invitation, headings, signatures, t-shirt, letterhead, signage, labels, posters etc.

BetterFly supports:

  • Contextual alternates
  • Discretionary Ligatures
  • Stylistic alternate
  • Swash
  • PUA (private use areas)

I prepared carefully 6-12 alternates for each single letter. Total glyphs 565, includes multilingual symbols (scroll 1st screen)

How it works in Photoshop

Watch BetterFly in action: (illustrator)

It works in MS Word

  • Note - to play with all other alternates you must have access to glyph window witch is available just in illustrator/indesign, but not in photoshop

Photoshop users have access to 7 glyphs for each letter:

  1. Contextual alternates (changes first letter)
  2. Contextual alternates (changes last letter)
  3. Contextual alternates + Stylistic alternates (other styles for first letter)
  4. Contextual alternates + Stylistic alternates (other styles for last letter)
  5. Stylistic alternate
  6. Swash
  7. Swash + stylistic alternate

Be sure to SCROLL 1, 12 previews

Files included


  • BetterFly-Draft
  • BetterFly-Smooth
  • BetterFly-Narrow
  • BetterFly-Swashes


  • how to access different available alternates in Photoshop without using Glyph window
  • how to access swashes


  • 2 layered PSD files Save the date, Invitation

This handwritten font is perfect for:

  • logos
  • prints
  • quotes
  • stationary
  • decoration
  • wedding invitations

How to use ALL alternates? You should have illustrator to choose it. Read article:

How to use it with Photoshop? Open Window - Character Turn on/off: Contextual alternates, Discretionary Ligatures, Stylistic alternate, Swash

How it works in Apple Pages and Microsoft Power Point

important! - For Apple Pages and Microsoft Power Point install files from folder: Short version

Apple Pages and Microsoft PowerPoint don't support Opentype features, but you still can use alternates. Please check this help file:

  1. Open Font Book and choose font (switch to second view mode: View-Repertoire)
  2. Select the glyph and copy it (cmd+с or edit-copy)
  3. Open Apple Pages and paste it (cmd+v or edit-paste) Adjust the size and place...

How it works in Microsoft Power Point


  • BetterFly draft is handwritten font which has been scanned to save all imperfection, after that cleaned for unused points.
  • BetterFly Neat is a clone of draft with same kerning, positions, etc. The only difference is that it is super clean and has minimum of points.

Any questions? Please send messages. Any help? Just contact me.

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Michelle Ellison  •  1468 days ago
I love this font but I need some help using alternate characters! I usually use FontLab pad & go into character map & find the alternate that I want to use & copy paste it there. I can't seem to get this to work w/ Betterfly. Do I have to use adobe illustrator or photoshop? I use my fonts in Cricut Design Space - any help would be greatly appreciated! M Ellison
Bethani Leija   •  1744 days ago
I purchased this, but I'm having a hard time using it in design space. When how can use the alternate letters? In my computer, all the fonts are saved under betterfly... so I'm having a hard time using the one I want to use. Any suggestions or tips?
Dmitrii Mikitenko  •  1744 days ago
Hi, Thank you for purchase. You need to install alternate version. Just find a folder Short version and install it. Best regards, Dmitrii
K ATENCIO  •  2025 days ago
Is Butterfly font still available in a bundle?
Yrkb6rb Wilgers  •  1988 days ago
Yes, this month it is in the Blessed print bundle.
Rebecca Tham  •  2397 days ago
Hi there, This font is beautiful! May I know what is the font of the sans serif capital letters that you have paired with BetterFly in the sample photos? Thank you! Rebecca
Dmitrii Mikitenko  •  2397 days ago
Hi Rebecca, thank you very much. This is one of the fonts that is including in this pack. It names: BetterFly Narrow Hurry up this is a great opportunity to get this item for half price. Available only until 25 Dec. Best regards, Dmitrii
BetterFly Draft
BetterFly Narrow
BetterFly Smooth
BetterFly Swashes

BetterFly - font family (OFFER $18)

By Blessed Print in Fonts / Script


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Additional Information

:  Complete License, Single seat

  *Please contact us for multi-seat licensing