Who are we?

The Hungry JPEG was started in November 2014 as a website to help designers, crafters, newbies, seasoned graphic design ninjas and well, anybody with an interest in the design world. The aim was to provide high quality design resources for an affordable price and even throw in some freebies!

As the freebies and bundles grew so did the demand for a permanent shop. You asked and we listened! The shop launched in July 2015 and is growing daily! Not only can you now buy whatever you like whenever you like (hand drawn social icons anyone? Or maybe a gorgeous new script font?) but you can still find amazing deals in our premium bundles.

Having built up an incredible reputation for quality, care and customer service we promise to continue to put you, the customer, first.


Commander in Chief

With a graphic design background, Michelle leads the team and ensures our customers and contributors love what we do. A curious kid at heart, she loves all things design & tech; and she most certainly can't live without good music and coffee!


Operations Wizard

Sam stays on top of all things operational and uses her secret magic powers to keep everything running smoothly. Attention to detail is her forte. She loves singing and performing during her free time. Corgis and pretty floral notebooks make her happy.


Creative Nomad

Nomad Italia has decided to settle down at TheHungryJPEG to unleash her creativity. This adventurous Mexican enjoys traveling and animated movies. Feed her some real, authentic tacos and she will love you forever.


Community Whisperer

Another trained graphic designer in the team, Cavin speaks the language of positivity and is responsible for growing the smiles of our amazing designers and customers. He is passionate about film, design, tech, gaming and basketball.


Design Rockstar

Ian keeps an eye out for the freshest trends. A pop culture junkie who finds inspiration in toys, music and film. Secretly watches cute cat videos. Never says no to cake.


Social Media Queen

Winnie manages our social media presence to keep our followers well-informed and entertained. She has an uncanny resemblance to Smurfette and a beautiful scarlet blush that is easily ignited with a simple compliment.


Head Cheerleader

Artyom, a.k.a. Art assists with daily operations at TheHungryJPEG. He also nurtures the well-being of the community. This multicultural guy is an avid reader of Russian classics, enjoys theatrical comedies and is always ready to dance as soon as his favourite songs come on.


Tech Extraordinaire

James is the resident techie at TheHungryJPEG and is here to help answer any technical questions you might have. He is also entrusted with keeping the website in tip-top condition. Don’t let those glasses fool you; he can also cook up a mean beef Wellington!

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