• The Make Your Own Postcard Pack By TheHungryJPEG

Included in this bundle

1. The Doodle Animal Set by Veresk

How adorable are these little critters! They are super cute and super easy to incorporate into so many designs. We love the unisex use of colors and the fun personalities the designer had brought to these fab animals.




2. The Cute Fox Set by Veresk

We absolutely adore foxes here in the office! Maybe because they frequently prowl around our gardens here in London, or possibly its there fabulous orange coats? Whatever the reason, there is no denying how awesome this pack is!




3. The Fairy Tale Set by Veresk

Any graphics pack that includes a unicorn has to be the best graphics pack ever created! This fairy tale pack is so full of magic, you will have all the help you need in your designs with all of the pixie dust and dragons!




4. Happy Autumn by Veresk

The best thing about Autumn is the warm scraves you get to wear and the crunch of the leaves when you're on a walk. These cute postcards (check out that cheeky squirrel) are ideal for any cards you need to design.




5. The Love Set by Veresk

Valentine cards are still one of the cutest things you can send or receive. These adorable little cards are so perfect for that day or why not use the love elements included to create your own cards!




6. The Food Infographic Set by Veresk

The yummiest graphics you have ever seen! Just check out those mouth-watering pancakes and the scrummy sushi! Believe us, if we could eat these graphics, we would! Enjoy them!



7. The Frames Collection by Veresk

These adorable quote frames include phrases such as; 'A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor', 'life is made up of little things' and 'love you to the moon and back'. We cannot chose a favorite, they are all fab!




8. Cosmic Objects by Veresk

Make learning fun with these incredibly fun and fabulous planets! Venus with her little bow and Earth with his perfect hat! Use them for infographics or even just for kooky birthday invites!




9. The Postcard Set (Vol 01) by Veresk

An incredible pack of postcards is such a wonderful thing to have in your designers tool box. Ideal for any occasion and any situation! Whether you need to say 'thanks', 'im sorry' or even just 'Hello', this pack has you covered.




10. Baby Shower Animals by Veresk

How fun are these colorful baby shower postcards?! We adore them! You can even use them for birthdays, invitations and even as prints to frame! The elements in the cards are also included so you can mix and match them to create your own design!




11. The Cookies Set by Veresk

Cookies and Milk? What's not to love?! In this sweet and yummy pack you'll find: Darling design elements, Perfect patterns and Pretty-Darn cool postcards!




12. The Mermaids Set by Veresk

Mermaids are growing ever increasingly popular! We kind of wish they were real, but we will have to make do with these fabulous, hand-drawn versions instead! Create your own designs from the elements included!




13. The Funny Character Set by Veresk

Create your own kooky and cute designs with this fantastic pack of elements! The adorable birds fit perfectly with the prancing sheep and cool cats! With 70 elements to play with, we know you'll create something great!




14. The Postcard Set (Vol 02) by Veresk

This pack of ready made cards and individual elements has a gorgeous color scheme. The oranges, yellows and dusky greens are perfect for the fall/winter transition and we can't wait to use them!




15. The Back to School Set by Veresk

Whether you are sad or thankful when it's back to school time, it doesn't change the fact that it has to happen! Make the day sweeter by popping one of these adorable postcards into your childs school bag!




16. Hey Robots by Veresk

If real life robots were this dang cute we'd buy them all! Imagine living with these little cuties! Create fun and interesting designs with these elements and patterns!




17. The Golden Postcard Set by Veresk

Really stand out with these bold and bright, yellow, black and white postcards! We love the fun designs and the great colors and can't wait to send these to our friends and family. You could even print them and frame them as a gift!




18. Happy Easter by Veresk

Happy Easter! Obviously not quite yet, but it is never too early to plan in the design world! We love the cute bunnies and colorful eggs in this pack and can't wait for the real-life chocolate versions next Spring!




19. The Cute Postcard Set by Veresk

With over 150+ design elements included in this pack, we know you'll be able to design something really special! The hand-drawn feel is so cutesy and fun, it is a pleasure to work with this bundle of color!




20. The Birds & Plants Collection by Veresk

The watercolor birds included in this pack are so full of color and life they really bring a wonderful new element to your work. Combine with the plants for a tropical look and layer over the patterns! 




21. Commercial License by TheHungryJPEG.com

We know creative licenses for digital resources can often be mind boggling or filled with legal mumbo jumbo, so we have tried to keep our license as simple and straight forward as possible. But should you have any questions, please send us an email on hello@thehungryjpeg.com


What’s Allowed

  • Use any item included for both personal and commercial use. This includes on printed physical goods that are subsequently sold.
  • Items included may be used across multiple projects.
  • For yourself or on behalf of a client
  • Items included may be printed on to products that are subsequently sold. However, the digital font files must NOT be included in the sale of this product, or distributed for free afterwards.


What’s Not Allowed

  • Items cannot be sub-licensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own (even for free)
  • Items cannot be included (even for free) in the sale of another item. For example, the inclusion of a font when selling a logo template designed using this font.
  • Items may not be manipulated, modified or changed in anyway and then re-sold or shared digitally.