This is the FREE Soria font by Dani that is a beautiful font that is inspired by the Art Nouveau and the fint Didot. Dani is a student based in Palencia, Spain and for more work by Dani  please visit:

MICHELLE WILLIAMS  •  592 days ago
thank you
Tina Goddard  •  761 days ago
Beautiful! Thank you
Bonnie Vitosky  •  885 days ago
Thank you
www orr  •  925 days ago
glenn johnson  •  940 days ago
Beautiful, Thanks!
Tara Williams  •  945 days ago
Thank you!
Helen PENDER   •  962 days ago
Thanks to Dani for SORIA - it's a lovely Art Nouveau font - thank-you for the great FREEBIE!
karman norris  •  1082 days ago
Beautiful Thank you
Johnny Bravo  •  1103 days ago
Thank you
Ada Mejia  •  1108 days ago
Thank you!

FREE Soria Font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Modern


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