This is the FREE South Rose font by Sydney Goldstein which is based on the South Rose window in the stunning cathedral of Notre Dame. For more of Sydney Goldstein please visit:

Shuntu Bryant  •  154 days ago
This is amazing \(*o*)/
Carolyn Dej  •  410 days ago
Thank you.
Marsha Kulish  •  493 days ago
This is truly original! I love it! Thanks so much. M
Susan Legault  •  523 days ago
Thank you for this lovely font..
Joe Pianta  •  535 days ago
found this on behance, very nice!
Cassie Conroy  •  641 days ago
Love it! Thanks!
Joan Grey  •  670 days ago
I've seen single letters from this but never knew it was all available. I love it. Thank you.
song song  •  823 days ago
melissa hines  •  874 days ago
WOW! literally made me gasp when I saw this... thank you so much!
Irene Cannan  •  1006 days ago
Amazing! What a beautiful font, thank you:)

The FREE South Rose font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Modern


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