This is the FREE Myra Font by Sergiy Tkachenko which is an all caps font that has a unique curve to some of the letters. It's style is useful in both modern and classic designs. For more info on Sergiy's work please visit:

Nanny v beveren  •  285 days ago
Thank you
Helen PENDER   •  621 days ago
Thanks Sergiy for these great caps - Myra is a unique curved font!
cris   •  789 days ago
Thanks for free Commercial License
Stephanie Valdez  •  793 days ago
Love the fancy serif. Thanks!
Kay Piner  •  794 days ago
Thank you very much.
Jennifer Foxwell  •  808 days ago
Very attractive, thank you!
M Khan   •  920 days ago
Nice font thanks...
Angela Baker  •  949 days ago
Thank you.
Lisa D.  •  962 days ago
Thank you.

FREE Myra Font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Modern


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:  Complete License

:  8th May 2016