This is the FREE Serifico Font by Sergiy Tkachenko which is released for your very own use. It comes with both Latin and Cyrillic lettering. For more of Sergiy's work please visit:

Marlene Dyck  •  606 days ago
sharon bacchetta  •  809 days ago
thank you :)
Carmen Thomas  •  1080 days ago
Thank you.
Helen PENDER   •  1098 days ago
Thanks Sergiy for SERIFICO - it's a classic!
Amanda Stephan  •  1222 days ago
Love it - thank you!
Sara Anders  •  1222 days ago
awesome sauce!!
Yvonne Fountain  •  1260 days ago
Lovely font, thank you! :)
E E  •  1267 days ago
So elegant...Thank you!!!
girts ro  •  1269 days ago
Thank you!
Jennifer Foxwell  •  1285 days ago
Beautiful, thank you!

FREE Serifico Font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Modern


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