This is the FREE Veselka Font by Sergiy Tkachenko which is a modern and funky font that looks great in titles. It also comes with Ukranian script as well as a number of accents. For more of the work by Sergiy please visit:

Y v O  •  137 days ago
Music! Looking cool! Thank you!!!
Amy B  •  226 days ago
Thank YOU!!
Shuntu Bryant  •  435 days ago
This is a fun one
Susan Legault  •  804 days ago
Thank you so much for this beautiful font.
  •  970 days ago
Thank you, very different.....and funky!!!!
Lori Yost  •  1051 days ago
This is terrific! Thank you very much! :)
Helen PENDER   •  1170 days ago
This is very different - thanks to Sergiy for VESELKA Font it's very modern - I like it!
Dell Fagg  •  1373 days ago
Looks interesting - thanks once again
Lisa Geerman  •  1439 days ago
Thanks for sharing!
Jintana SaeTae  •  1442 days ago
It's so beautiful. I love it.

FREE Veselka Font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Modern


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