This is the FREE Formia Script by GraphicDash which is a sytlish handwritten font that you can use for personal use only. It comes as .ttf and .otf formats. For more work from GraphicDash please visit: 

Kristina Gromova  •  601 days ago
Nice one! ) Thanx!
Sharon Field  •  604 days ago
Thanks so much for including the TTF.............a lovely font!
Alexandra Deus  •  762 days ago
So lovely!! Thanks a lot
John Hart  •  802 days ago
Lots of potential uses for this one! Many thanks for your generosity!
Dianne Self  •  913 days ago
Neat font. Thank you!
cristi nokes  •  933 days ago
Thank you!!
Faye Driggers  •  936 days ago
Thank You!
pam allen  •  938 days ago
love it.. thank you
jay ville  •  944 days ago
thanks! :D

FREE Formia Script

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Script


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:  Complete License

:  12th July 2016