This is the FREE Olesia Font by Julia Dreams which is a beautiful handwritten font that comes with luscious curves and a distinctive look. It lends itself to the feminine, and can enhance the look of a title or design in that way. For more of Julia's work please visit:

karman norris  •  822 days ago
Dainty font ...lovely. Thank you
Stephanie Valdez  •  861 days ago
Absolutely lovely! Thank you!
Jennifer Foxwell  •  876 days ago
Beautiful, thank you!
Yenny La Cruz  •  892 days ago
Gracias, me encanta...
Dell Fagg  •  892 days ago
I Like it - thanks
Amy West  •  900 days ago
Super font. Thank you.
John Hart  •  900 days ago
A lovely font that grows on you! Very sweet graphics too! Many thanks!
Geri Edwards  •  982 days ago
Love the look of this font but have been unable to download it for some reason.
Lee Cline  •  998 days ago
lovely :)
Esther Riedo  •  1005 days ago
Thank you, it's perfect!

FREE Olesia Font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Script


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