This is the FREE Menulis Font by Marco Ballare which is a fantastic rounded geometric font. It's available for personal use, but for commercial use please visit:

Amy B  •  57 days ago
luv this - thank u
nicole briard  •  373 days ago
Thank You!
  •  1117 days ago
Beautiful, universal font. Thanks!
Stephanie Valdez  •  1174 days ago
Thank you! I love modern fonts.
Jennifer Foxwell  •  1189 days ago
This is lovely, thank you!
Audra Siu  •  1244 days ago
Labas, ir aciu.
Alithia Sophie Guillaume  •  1301 days ago
thank you!

FREE Menulis Font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Modern


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:  Complete License

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