This is the FREE Sequel Font by Philip Trautmann which is a great looking font that has a condensed look. Looks perfect for a film poster look or another large headline. For the full licence please visit: 

jason gomez  •  329 days ago
Mac Antonio  •  455 days ago
Mac Antonio  •  455 days ago
Bonnie Vitosky  •  515 days ago
Thank you!
K Clay  •  553 days ago
Thank you! :)
Helen PENDER   •  592 days ago
I like it - thanks!
Marcy Schwarz  •  618 days ago
Thank you!
kirsty collier  •  677 days ago
Very nice font, Just a HUGE shame there are no numbers
Kara Steuer  •  712 days ago
Hello, I have this font but the ligatures are not seeming to come up in it. Can you troubleshoot?
Amanda Stephan  •  716 days ago
Thank you!

FREE Sequel Font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Modern


Additional Information

:  Complete License

:  20th September 2016