This is the FREE Kadisoka Font by Aryo Pamungkas which is a wonderful handwritten font. This is the limited version of the font. For the full 680 glyphs please acquire the commercial licence:
Mary Tsi.  •  684 days ago
Wow! This is extra nice!!!
JIN YONG LEE  •  879 days ago
Thanks a lot~;)
M Maree Freeman  •  993 days ago
Love it! Thanks!
Sheila Aguilar  •  1679 days ago
Thank you!
john wiser  •  1965 days ago
Thank you
Susan Delfgauw  •  2039 days ago
Thank you. The font is great, but I did thought the alternatives (swashes, etc) were available with the free font as well. But I do appreciate your generosity!
Adauto Neto  •  2149 days ago
The licensefor this free (demo) version is not clear enough. Can the demo version be used for commercial purposes??
kazbek kuandykov  •  2378 days ago
What does demo version mean? Can I use for commercial purposes? The file has the name demo version but on the site, it says free with the commercial license.
K Clay  •  2437 days ago
Thank you! :)
Vicki Lennstrand  •  2457 days ago
Thanx a lot ????

FREE Kadisoka Font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Script


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