Download the cute Mama Bear floral SVG  for FREE! Commercial license included :)

C Svejda  •  92 days ago
UPDATE: Did try adding extensions w/o success. Changed from Firefox brower to Safari and file worked fabulously!! Thank you again! :-)
C Svejda  •  92 days ago
Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately, I am on a mac and file downloads w/o extension so I am unable to use it.
Chrissy Lawson  •  122 days ago
Thank You for sharing.
Correen Kay  •  131 days ago
Thank you for sharing.
Terri Rodriguez  •  131 days ago
Thank you !!!
Mandy Gagnon  •  143 days ago
I made a shirt for myself with this...I LOVE it!!!!
Keren Dukes  •  135 days ago
oh that AWESOME!! Would love to see it :)
Sherry Shadden  •  145 days ago
I love it! Thank you!
Sierra Eldridge  •  165 days ago
So I downloaded the picture to my phone and I even had to set up a profile first ???? but it's not allowing me to open the file! ???? Trying to figure out what I've done wrong can someone help me please?
Beth Price-Almeida  •  160 days ago
Sierra, this is an SVG. You may need to change the file type to .png or .jpg or even PDF to work with it. You can go to to convert. I use .png because it can be manipulated (blown up really big) and not lose quality. I learned this myself but there's a digital planning group on FB that helps with file stuff. DIGITAL PLANNING FOR BEGINNERS is the name of it.
C Svejda  •  167 days ago
Thank you so much!
Kerri Patterson  •  173 days ago
Excited to use for stocking stuffers! Thanks so much!

FREE Mama Bear & Flower SVG

By TheHungryJPEG in Crafters / Flowers and Animals


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