This free font is designed by Ezeqviel Ergo and has a pretty rough feeling to it. It’s a tall and narrow font with straight edges that makes it perfect for header designs!   And as usual, this font comes with a commercial license!
han kam  •  1389 days ago
wonderful, Thank you
Thomas Daley  •  1515 days ago
Is this supposed to have alternate letters Short and Tall?
Amy B  •  1529 days ago
Rebecca Buchmeyer  •  1544 days ago
Nice. Thank you.
Mel Whittaker  •  1559 days ago
I really like the background too, is that a product?
Chrissy Lawson  •  1661 days ago
THANK YOU so much for this.

FREE Obake Font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Sans Serif


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