Let nature take its course with the Jungle Font brought to you by Duka. JUNGLE is a funky handmade font designed for cards, t-shirt design, logos, quotes design, kids books. A decorative typeface that will bring you the positive vibes out of a tropical feeling. Jungle comes with uppercase, lowercase, basic characters, standard numbers, and punctuation.

Show your appreciation to Duka by checking out her store HERE.

Don't forget to tag your creation using this blazing font @TheHungryJPEG on Instagram and get a chance to be featured!

Lori Yost  •  103 days ago
Thank you so much! :)
Despina Kailidou  •  104 days ago
Thank you!
Lisa D.  •  106 days ago
Thanks for this week's free font and extra goodies. My zip folder had the correct font and I was able to open up the bonus documents as well.
Shuntu Bryant  •  106 days ago
This installed as this jungle font instead. https://thehungryjpeg.com/product/3471669-jungle-svg-font-extras
lynn cockrell  •  108 days ago
Thanks for the Jungle font!
sloane henry  •  108 days ago
I was able to unzip and download the font just fine, but I am unable to download the animals and badges, when I do open them they are just numbers and letters.
Aksh Patterson  •  108 days ago
Loved it thanks so much!!
Donna Carruthers  •  109 days ago
Thanks so much for sharing your cute font.
Lulu Molnar  •  109 days ago
Thank you!
jane dough  •  110 days ago
The animals don't work keep getting an error. Like they don't exist

FREE Jungle - Decorative Sans Serif

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Sans Serif

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