Day 3 / 30 - TheHungryJpeg 30 Days of Summer Freebies

Get it in touch with your elegant side and download this graphic that is FREE of charge for a limited time!
As always, commercial license included!

This product was created to help you make your digital images even more beautiful and unique.
This pack can be used to create anything as you wish, logos invitation cards, make scrapbooking, wedding cards,
birthday cards, home decor, packaging holiday gifts, party decorations, print on fabrics and so much more.

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Katharina Jas  •  1366 days ago
Love the handwritting font. Do you also offer the font?
Shuntu Bryant  •  1370 days ago
Thank you :)
Deborah Burgess  •  1375 days ago
Lovely, thank you
Knie Weich  •  1376 days ago
Lovely and gentle work. Thank You. :0)
Linda Walton  •  1377 days ago
Simply stunning! Thank you for your most generous gift!
Linda Wilson  •  1383 days ago
these are lovely! I think this set will work with Foil Quill. :)
Linda Walton  •  1377 days ago
I think you are right! I cannot wait to give them a go!
Teneisha Robinson  •  1377 days ago
This is simple and beautiful. Thank you.
Alice Hardy  •  1378 days ago
Thank you so much
LINDA BASON  •  1379 days ago
Thank you so much these are lovely .
azka creative  •  1383 days ago
Thank you very much! :)

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