Day 12/ 30 - TheHungryJpeg 30 Days of Summer Freebies

Let Stella Keynote help you elevate your presentations for FREE! It's easy to change colors, fully editable text, shapes & other elements. It even includes FULL Commercial license.

The Images are not included

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Miriam Cuellar  •  1361 days ago
how can I install the key file
Linda Walton  •  1387 days ago
Such a lovely collection - thank you! ♥
Kovel Kovel  •  1388 days ago
Thank you so much!
Melinda Burt  •  1388 days ago
Really disappointed this file didn't come with a windows option. Can get some feedback on exporting it for powerpoint?
Kimberly McCarron  •  1389 days ago
Just wondering if you could export this for PowerPoint Users? (I am a extremely rare designers who prefers Windows over MAC)
Kimberly McCarron  •  1389 days ago
Never mind. Sent it to my hubby's ipad, and he exported it to ppt for me.
Phil Gregory  •  1389 days ago
Disappointed to find out after I had downloaded it that only the MAC version is included. A Bit lazy not to also export the file from Keynote as a Powerpoint file so that the rest of the world can open the file. Also, it would have been nice if in the description the user was informed that only the MAC version is currently available and that way a lot of us would not have wasted our time downloading it!
Phil Gregory  •  1389 days ago
Sorry, dumb comment by me but unable to delete it. I just noticed the "Keynote" Hint in the Title, Doh! Apologies.
Tasha wongin  •  1389 days ago

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