Day 29/ 30 - TheHungryJpeg 30 Days of Summer Freebies

Adorable hand-drawn potted cactus and succulents. Customise them with accessories and expressions! Perfect for printing on cards, fabric and mugs, blog themes, web elements, stickers, posters, flyers, invitations and more!

What's in the pack?

  • 14 Accessories and Expressions (JPEG, PNG & EPS Format)
  • 16 Cactus Illustrations (JPEG, PNG & EPS Format)
  • 16 Cactus Illustrations with Expressions (JPEG, PNG & EPS Format)
  • 6 Patterns (JPEG, PNG & EPS Format)

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Lisa D.  •  61 days ago
Cute set. Thanks so much for sharing it on Day 30!
Lisa D.  •  61 days ago
Oops, that should have said Day 29! I'm getting ahead of myself! ;)
Tamalita May  •  81 days ago
I love this! thank you so much!
Susan Legault  •  81 days ago
I really like the patterns you have created. Thank you so much for your time and effort in creating these very cute graphics
Lori Yost  •  81 days ago
These are so cute! Thank you!! :)
Correen Kay  •  83 days ago
Ooh! Happy makers. Thanks for sharing. :*
Shuntu Bryant  •  83 days ago
Cactuses!!!! Thank you so much :D
Heather Brow  •  83 days ago
Adorable :) Thanks
María Vicente   •  83 days ago
Muchas gracias.
cindy figueroa  •  83 days ago
Love this! Thank you :)

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