Day 30/ 30 - TheHungryJpeg 30 Days of Summer Freebies

Twigs typeface is decorative typeface inspired by some dry twigs that fell into a bush. Though fragile and weak, he had a very interesting texture, like a brush on a piece of paper. Twigs come with extra swash to make your typography layout absolutely perfect.

Font features include:
-Uppercase & Lowercase (Small Caps),
-Numerals & Punctuations (OpenType Standard),
-multilingual support.

Show your appreciation to Heroglyphs Studio by checking out their store HERE.

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Davide de Muro  •  309 days ago
So much great stuff I've lost, since last time I've been on this amazing resources paradise. I wish I had no burnout forcing me to stay away. What is lost is lost, I know, but this font and Sicily are definitely fonts I'd like to add to my personal collection.
Lisa D.  •  388 days ago
Well, it has been quite the month of freebies including this final font. A special thanks to all the designers willing to share their goodies with us and to you guys--HJPEG--for offering up a month long summer treat.
Irupe Alzogaray  •  408 days ago
Thank you!!!
Lilia Afonso  •  410 days ago
Great! Thanks You!!!
Tamalita May  •  411 days ago
awesome thank you
lou arrowsmith  •  411 days ago
Thank you :)
Lori Yost  •  411 days ago
Love this...thank you so much!! :)
Rebecca Buchmeyer  •  412 days ago
thank you
Shuntu Bryant  •  412 days ago
This is phenomenal! I love fonts haha

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