Download fancy dingbat fonts for free now! Thanks to FreePrettyThingsForYou! Commercial license included. Don't forget to tag us @TheHungryJPEG on your creations to get a chance to be featured!    Check out related categories for more options: Free Font Bundle | Font Collection FAQ 1. What are dingbat fonts? A dingbat is a glyph that is not a letter, number, or form of punctuation. The majority of dingbats are pictograms, which are simple graphical representations incorporated inside a font that borrow features from the primary characters. 2. What is the point of dingbat fonts? The most common use for dingbat fonts is for creating customized bullets. They are a great way to match the look and feel of your course design. 3. How do I use dingbat fonts in Word? Open your Word document. Set your pointer to the spot desired for the dingbat. Click on the Insert menu at the top of the screen. Select Symbol. On the Symbols tab, you have a choice of Symbols Pick a symbol or dingbat. 4. Where can I get free dingbat fonts? You can get free dingbat fonts online from websites such as Thehungryjpeg. 5. How do I download dingbat fonts for free? Once you've made a purchase using your account, you may download it as many times as you like by logging into your account on and locating the Purchases icon. 6. Why do dingbat fonts exist? The dingbat fonts exist to create customized bullets. They are a great way to match the look and feel of your course design. 7. Why are dingbat fonts a good choice? Dingbat fonts are a good choice because you can use these kinds of fonts to quickly insert certain symbols into your typography that are not usually available in most fonts.
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FREE Font: Pretty You Dingbat Font

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