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Christa Swanson  •  28 days ago
Don't worry, I absolutely know what you meant. I just wanted people to be careful because context in mental health can be tough. And even though there are general trends you're right that each person responds to mental health problems in different ways. If you're interested, Brian Stefan has some great information on how to connect with people who are having intrusive thoughts or ideation. He's former crisis/suicide response team in LA and his advice and approach are fantastic. I get it, it's still taboo most places. My family refuses to talk about him, and that's pretty normal unfortunately. But I promise talking about it doesn't make someone more likely to, it's a misconception. If you're concerned don't be afraid to ask. Even if they are not ready to answer yet they know you care. And it is absolutely a good think that you want to raise awareness and help people reach out.
Krystal Paulin  •  27 days ago
Hey Christa - I really appreciate you calling this out. I immediately thought ooh I can't use the "Work harder" one and appreciated your explanation of the potential impact. And Elena - thank you for your willingness to understand. These are lovely pieces and I know your intentions were pure. We're ALL learning.
Christa Swanson  •  28 days ago
I do not know why it will not let me reply directly to your comment, so I put it here. Work harder to make a wish come true - this implies that they aren't already working as hard as they can or doing enough. That directly damages their self esteem because they are probably already doing the best they can. The past is in your head the future is in your hands - trauma causes real physical damage with permanent changes to the brain and the way your neurons respond to stimulus. Someone who has a condition they are already struggling to overcome would see this as 'get over it'. Those two are the most problematic as people who are in flooding or ideation would often see those as directly dismissive of their situation and efforts. As a teacher, as a foster parent, as someone who had a parent commit suicide, and as someone who is also in therapy with CPTSD we've been taught not to say them. Grow positive thoughts and believe in yourself are ok. They're inspirational for people that are stressed and they're cute. Someone with more complicated mental health issues often see those types of messages as a little disingenuous. It's kind of like like saying 'just walk' to a person with a broken leg. They know. But they are really good for people in everyday situations so they are ok. The other two are good. Because, unlike the others telling them what to do, they are addressing the person in crisis in a way that tells them they are heard. They are valued and equal to the speaker. Their struggle exists and the person saying it is listening. One phrase that is used often in anti-suicide training is 'the opposite of suicide is connection'. Phrases that are preachy aren't connection, they only benefit the speaker in most cases.
Elena Maslova  •  28 days ago
Christs, I am really very sorry. Now I see that the phrases can be interpreted differently than they are in my understanding. My goal was to draw attention to the importance of mental health prevention. And in this case, these are rather motivational phrases. I can't say them at the level of depth that you're pointing at. I am so sorry. And I am very grateful for such a deep attitude to the importance of the problem. In our mentality, it is not customary to talk about this much. It is not good for many people. I know that now. Thank you again for your attention
Christa Swanson  •  29 days ago
I help with anti-suicide awareness outreach in my community. You should probably know most of those mental health quotes are some of the worst things you can say to someone in a mental health crisis. They're the kinds of things neurotypical people think help that make the person in crisis feel worse and more isolated. Therapists warn not to use this kind of language when trying to support someone in those situations. Depending on the cause and severity it could push someone over the edge.
Elena Maslova  •  29 days ago
Hello, Christa. I myself have been working with a psychotherapist for about three years and I have a psychologist's education too. These phrases, including my personal experience, were valuable to me at different stages of my life. Please, can you tell me exactly what phrases you consider unacceptable?

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