Check out Heather Green Design's 50 Floral Sublimation And Printable Squares available for FREE! 

This is a set of 50 different floral graphic squares.  Perfect for your sublimation projects, or if you don't have a sublimation printer, you can still print these out at home on an inkjet or laser printer and create paper earrings, pendants, coasters, decoupage projects, use in junk journaling, collage art and much more!

  • Each design is sized 4" x 4" (or 1200 x 1200 pixels)
  • Each design is in jpg format
  • Each design is 300dpi

Be sure to view all of the previews to see some mockup examples of how you can use these squares. 

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Maribeth Bieber  •  7 days ago
Will they be single or download all together?
Hilde Larsen  •  9 days ago
thank u! such pretty floral images :)
Marilynn Boosinger  •  10 days ago
What a great variety of beautiful images! Thank you.
Amy Butler  •  11 days ago
Beautiful! Thank you.
Mary Navin  •  11 days ago
Thank you.
Mag Wo  •  11 days ago
Thank you!
sonia ojeda  •  11 days ago
Beautiful! Thank you so much for this amazing gift!
Kathleen Dillon  •  12 days ago
Thank you! They are lovely - a lot of ideas are coming to mind.
Elizabeth Rose  •  12 days ago
So, so beautiful, thank you!
Sharon Field  •  12 days ago
Lovely images. Thank you for your generosity!

FREE Floral Sublimation Squares

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