This is the FREE Aery Font by Marie-Michelle Dupuis is a stylish font that incorporates beautiful calligraphy, as if drawn by a master calligrapher. It is only available for personal use and for more information on the designer please visit her own website:

Susan Legault  •  241 days ago
Thank you so much for sharing this unique font.
Grey Pellizzi  •  474 days ago
the "additional information" says "complete license", but the description says "personal use only", which one takes precedent? Is this able to be used for commercial products such as videos?
John Hart  •  1588 days ago
Different! I love it! Thank you!
Ratthaphon mac  •  1693 days ago
Thank you!
Michelle Kendrick   •  1847 days ago
bil anders  •  1912 days ago
Thanks MArie :-)
Tabitha Negron  •  1921 days ago
Jintana SaeTae  •  1925 days ago
Thank you.

FREE Aery Font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Modern


Additional Information

:  Complete License

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