This is the FREE Erster Font Brian Jangima which is an all uppercase font that is is an industrial style font that has unusual circular holes in the main joining points of the letters, as if it were nailed onto a wild west saloon. A strong and bold typeface with any number of uses. For more info on Brian Jangima:

Ana Ferreira  •  205 days ago
Thank you. :-)
Susan Legault  •  1017 days ago
Thank you so much for sharing this original font as a freebie.
John Hart  •  1991 days ago
Great originality! Reminds me of plumbing pipes and couplers. Many thanks for your generosity!
Michelle Kendrick   •  2252 days ago
Tabitha Negron  •  2319 days ago
Lisa D.  •  2320 days ago
Neat. Thank you.
Vesi Valeva  •  2320 days ago
Cool font, thank you!
julianna zdunich  •  2321 days ago
thank you!

FREE Erster Font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Modern


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