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Wendy Wallace  •  1618 days ago
Hi, and thanks for another beautiful font. I have a question -- once I download a font, how do I get the effects of the beginning and ending "swooshes", or the pretty, extended "h", for example, in the sample above? I am using the ttf. This applies to several of the fonts I've downloaded or purchased here. Thanks!
Chelsea Ceballos  •  1616 days ago
It is going to be under the "Glyphs" pallete in illustrator.
pricilla salim  •  1604 days ago
Wendy W can you share link to download this font for us heheh
Cheryl Neill  •  1607 days ago
I show it was open?
zelda kenley  •  1609 days ago
Hello, it says that the it expires in 3 days but when I click, it says the freebie has ended?
Michaelle Schutt  •  1613 days ago
I received the mail this morning and it says expired!!!
Carole Jacquy  •  1615 days ago
For me the same, Expired and it's only 2 day's af....:/
John Satterfield  •  1618 days ago
It says the font is expired... Is this correct?
Nelly Jong  •  1618 days ago
muy taka  •  1618 days ago
Melissa Hill  •  1618 days ago
So beautiful, I love it!! Thank you!!
Susie Huffman  •  1619 days ago
Beautiful font, thanks!

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