This is the FREE Maxwell Font by Ryan Pyae which is a typeface family consisting of 3 fonts. It almost has a preppy style to it with gentle curves and soft edges. This typeface has many applications in the world of graphic design. For more of Ryan Pyae's work:

Stephanie Valdez  •  860 days ago
Nice and crisp!
Shirley Kimbrough  •  929 days ago
I love the mix of curves, edges and surprisingly audacious design mix. Thank you for these lovely free font. :)
Design Pixie  •  957 days ago
Love it - thank you!!
Mindy Armour  •  974 days ago
douglas colmenares  •  989 days ago
julianna zdunich  •  1076 days ago
thank you for sharing!
Yuncheng Tang  •  1152 days ago
Thank you so much!!
Virginie Herserange  •  1153 days ago
Thank you!!
Michelle Kendrick   •  1160 days ago
Aroa Cristiano  •  1175 days ago
Very nice font! Thanks

FREE Maxwell Font

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