This is the FREE Wordscore Double font by Carl Seal which is an all uppercase font based on the game Scrabble. Each letter has a score in the bottom right hand corner of the square shaped letter 'piece'. This is a unique and creative font that has all kinds of applications. For more on Carl Seal please visit:

Kelsie Perez  •  373 days ago
Thank you
Lori Yost  •  804 days ago
This is great! Thank you so much! :)
Buffy Leavens  •  958 days ago
Michelle Brewin  •  984 days ago
Very cool! thank you.
Carmen Thomas  •  1117 days ago
Thank you.
Gina G  •  1208 days ago
Thanks for another great share!!
  •  1209 days ago
Thank you
Yvonne Fountain  •  1297 days ago
Great font, thanks! :)
John Hart  •  1346 days ago
Super unique! Many thanks!
Liv Esteban  •  1381 days ago
Thank you!

FREE LRC Wordscore Double font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Modern


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