October Bumpus  •  1400 days ago
Thank you!
Tammy Milo  •  1426 days ago
gorgeously creative. thanks!
marc marchild  •  1464 days ago
Like the way font smacks you upside the head, shimmering on the knife-edge of pure graphic, playing with its legibility Showing in gold underscores needing the luxury of time to read... strong and demanding Thank you
Fernanda Souza  •  1469 days ago
Great, thank you!
Elvie Salgado  •  1631 days ago
Thank you! This will be great for decorative purposes. My font program reported a minor problem with the structure of the names chart. What does that entail?
Bonnie McGhee  •  1638 days ago
Thank you
Design Pixie  •  1642 days ago
Very unique font. Thank you!

FREE Ganguro Font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Gothic


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