eli oak  •  1245 days ago
Download link seems to not work...
Dee Johnson  •  1353 days ago
Cool font, thank you for sharing!
girts ro  •  1460 days ago
Thank you!
John Hart  •  1501 days ago
Great, versatile font! Many thanks!
Ratthaphon mac  •  1608 days ago
Thank you!
cristi nokes  •  1632 days ago
Thank you!!
Noah Gilman  •  1757 days ago
Thank you, Mr. Lafuente. Massive respect. What a beautiful and distinctive typeface.
Jolanda Orru  •  1842 days ago
thanx for sharing
K Hover  •  1847 days ago
worked on the 3rd try. Thank you!
Diane Sigge  •  1866 days ago
do not work
Lorene Nance  •  1854 days ago
I just downloaded it and it works for me -- it's just only capital letters, no lowercase.

Free Font: Parker Typeface

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Slab Serif


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:  Complete License

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