Lisette Fuentes  •  125 days ago
No es valida la descarga no sirve.
jose maria nieves  •  278 days ago
una mierda
Sarah Moseley  •  366 days ago
Apparently its not valid? Got my hopes up for nothing.
Melissa Radford  •  372 days ago
Thank for showing this font with the swashes. Ive had this font for a very very very long time and I never knew it had them. I just opened it up in my character map and theres all kinds of pretty letters with the swashes. I didnt think this one had it. I thought perhaps this Milkshake font was a different one. Thank you for showing me this image of it.
Marilynn Boosinger  •  398 days ago
Great quality font. Thank you.
Grace Pearse  •  470 days ago
It wont let me install it always says that it is not valid??!!?!!?
Bernadette Louise Bjørnstad  •  526 days ago
thank you so much. love this font
Lil Kree  •  554 days ago
Thank you for the freebie!
Lil Kree  •  554 days ago
Thank you for the freebie!
romulo medeiros  •  567 days ago
very nice

Free Font: Milkshake

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Script


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