This is the FREE Rhubarb Font by Lukasz Kulakowski. It's inspired by the Art Deco style and comes with a whole bunch of options such as thin, thin italic, medium, medium italic as well as Cyrillic. For a commercial licence please contact Lukasz on


Marsha Kulish  •  370 days ago
Thanks for the cool font!
shelley corbin  •  752 days ago
Thank you!
Design Pixie  •  1061 days ago
Very nice - thank you for sharing!
Ana García  •  1120 days ago
Thank you!!
Amanda Chandler  •  1144 days ago
This font is beautiful! Nice work!
Aviva Cohen  •  1312 days ago
nice font! is this commerical? one place says not, other yes. thank you
Martina Blasius  •  1304 days ago
if you have a look at additional information... it says commercial use

FREE Rhubarb Font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Modern


Additional Information

:  Complete License

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