This is the FREE Growl Font by Arron Croasdell which is a free typeface that also comes with Growl Rounded a slightly less ferocious more kitten-like version of the font. If you want to create that ferocious feeling then this is the font to use. For more on Arron's work:

Lori Yost  •  83 days ago
This is the best! Thank you so much!! :)
Mallory Marler  •  616 days ago
Thank you!
Rhonda Sheehan  •  684 days ago
Pam Hogben  •  761 days ago
Many thanks
Shohiduz Jaman  •  793 days ago
Stephanie Valdez  •  975 days ago
What a fun design! Thanks!
Tracey Tilson  •  977 days ago
Great font! Perfect for all those outdoor adventures we survive! Thank you!
John Hart  •  1014 days ago
Fantastic, versatile font! Many thanks for your generosity!
Ratthaphon mac  •  1121 days ago
Thank you!
cristi nokes  •  1145 days ago
Thank you!!

FREE Growl Font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Script


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