Buffy Leavens  •  451 days ago
ashley bishop  •  518 days ago
I have the same issue with not being able to download multiple weights.
Meagan Lowery  •  525 days ago
I have the same problem CB is having from a month ago. It won't let me download multiple versions of the font because of the title.
Nicole Vierra  •  545 days ago
Thank you
October Bumpus  •  546 days ago
Thank you!
Lisa D.  •  555 days ago
Thank you!
maria sierra  •  558 days ago
great font!!! looooove it! thanks
c brietzke  •  564 days ago
When installing each file a pop up states the file Ansley Display has already been installed would you like to over write it? After opeining each file, although there are differences in the files all of them are named "Ansley Display" when opened to install, thus only allowing me to install one of the file fonts.
Agnieszka Dolna  •  562 days ago
I have the same problem...
Jody Adams-Valenzuela  •  579 days ago
Thank You!!!
Leanne Mackenzie  •  585 days ago
Thank you for the fonts! Have you updated to allow more than one of them to be installed at a time?

FREE Font: Ansley Slab Serif

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Slab Serif


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:  17th July 2017