This is the FREE Margot Font by Adria Gomez which is an upbeat yet purposeful font. It has a smooth feel to the curves of the letters. For more info on Adria please visit:

Helen PENDER   •  1866 days ago
Thanks to Adria for this great Freebie!
Stephanie Valdez  •  2038 days ago
Fun rounded details. Thanks!
Jennifer Foxwell  •  2053 days ago
So cool, thank you!
John Hart  •  2077 days ago
Love this font! It reminds me of marshmallows. Many thanks!
Design Pixie  •  2122 days ago
Very nice - thank you for sharing!
Nautil 07  •  2288 days ago
Thanks !!
L. Ve.  •  2327 days ago
Beautiful! Thank you so much!
Joanne English  •  2341 days ago
Thank you so much!
Laurie Mach  •  2349 days ago
Beautiful! Thank you :)
Van Tran Nguyen  •  2351 days ago
Thank you :)

FREE Margot Font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Modern


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