This is the FREE Ginebra Font by Yai Salinas which is another unique font from Yai. It has many uses in particular for any products or designs that require an elegant feel. It's available for both personal and commercial use. For more of Yai's work please visit:

M Maree Freeman  •  481 days ago
Thank you!
Miss Diana Allen  •  609 days ago
This is beautiful, elegant, and just down right lovely. Thank you for sharing your work. I am hoping to find more of your work, as this file only has 97 glyphs -- but, my my . . . what beautiful glyphs they are!
Kathy Hanara  •  1623 days ago
Thank you, BEAUTIFUL!
Claudia Mendivil  •  2007 days ago
Beautiful and elegant Font! Love it! Thanks!
James Sherwood  •  2056 days ago
CLASSIC! Thank you!
Yvonne Fountain  •  2257 days ago
Lovely, thank you :)
Stephanie Valdez  •  2267 days ago
Pretty! Thank you!
Eileen Roach  •  2312 days ago
Very nice work! Thank you
Design Pixie  •  2364 days ago
Love it - thank you!!
Jennifer Carpenter  •  2410 days ago
Love it! Thanks!

FREE Ginebra Font

By TheHungryJPEG in Fonts / Modern


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