Christmas vector Set Winter Forest

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Christmas vector Set "Winter Forest". 547 Elements. Woodland wildlife.

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  • 31 JPG files
  • 36 PNG files
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Christmas vector Set Winter Forest Description

You'll get:

1) Design elements. 9 EPS-10 files (on light background) + 9 PNG files (big sizes, 600 dpi on transparent background) High Quality.

  • Deers SET (15 elements). Drawing Red deer (Cervus elaphus), mammal. Mascot. Cartoon character. Cute animals in various positions: stand, lies, sleep, calm, roar. Red deers family. Group of deer. friends. Couple of deer. Cute little cub deer (baby deer, fawn, friendly young deer, bambi, baby deer sleeping, sweet fawn, dappled deer, spotty deer). Baby deer and mom. Male deer. Hart stag. Horned deer. Red deer stags. Screaming deer. Bugle deer. Lovely creatures. Funny prints.
  • Bullfinches SET (43 elements). Two options: males (red breast) and females (gray breast). Finch. Beautiful birds in different poses: sits, stands, flies, looks up, looks down, waving wings, takes off, soars. Migratory birds.
  • Pine branches SET (26 elements). Two options: without snow and with snow. Vector collection of green Christmas tree branches with pine cones. Pine needles. Fir. Evergreen. Greenery.
  • Trunks of pine tree SET (18 elements). Trunks to form a forest landscape. Snow covered pine bark.
  • Hawthorn SET (100 elements). Two options: snowy and clean. Wild rose (rosehip, dog-rose) Cankerberry, branches with spikes, chubby leaves, foliage. Frozen.
  • Branches SET (64 elements). Two options: snow-covered and clean. Winter branches with kidneys. Branchlets. Long, short, small, curved, semicircular, arched, branched.
  • Natural elements SET (180 elements). Two options: snowbound and clean. Acorns. Berries. Feathers of forest birds (motley, striped, spotted, brown). Pine cones. Sticks, driftwood, stump. Rope, twine (knot, bow). Nail. Dry grass. Herbal. Moss.
  • Antlers SET (9 elements). 9 different Christmas compositions with deer horns
  • Design elements SET (30 elements). Natural compositions.

2) Wreaths collection. 10 EPS-10 files (on transparent background) + 10 PNG files (big sizes, 600 dpi on transparent background) High Quality. ?one wreath. Pine branches wreath. Wild Roses wreath (Cankerberry wreath). Festive bunch.

3) Frames. 4 EPS-10 files (on transparent background) + 4 PNG files (big sizes, 600 dpi on transparent background) High Quality. 4 Beautiful snowbound frames.

4) Inscriptions. 1 EPS-10 file (on transparent background) + 1 PNG file (big sizes, 600 dpi on transparent background) High Quality. 4 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year handwritten calligraphy Inscriptions. Lettering.

5) Brushes. 1 EPS-10 file + 1 JPG file. 2 brushes (for Adobe Illustrator) Snow imitation. Sparkling snow. Falling snow. Blizzard. Snowstorm.

6) landscapes. 2 EPS-10 files + 2 JPG files (big sizes, 600 dpi) High Quality. 2 Winter atmospheric landscapes. Horizontal panorama. Forest edge. Drifts.

7) Patterns. 10 EPS-10 files + 10 JPG files ++ 10 PNG files of scale variants (big sizes, 600 dpi) High Quality. Seamless textures. Seamless patterns. Doodle

8) Cards. 8 EPS-10 files + 8 JPG files (big sizes, 600 dpi) High Quality. Printable postcards. Gift idea. Funny illustrations for kids. Wall baby decor. Colorful winter posters. Wall art. Storytelling Images. Winter invitations. Nursery wall art. Winter holidays. Wild life. Nature. Weather. Unique trendy craft project ideas. DIY projects. Make and sell. Make and gift. Trendy crafts. DIY Christmas ideas. Holiday craft projects. Pop art concepts.

+ 9) Textures. 12 JPG files (3000x2000 sizes, 300 dpi) Wooden texture. Cardboard texture. Paper texture. Papercraft. Colors: white, gray, dark blue, brown.


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File Types | JPEG, PNG, EPS
Date Posted | 12th December 2017

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