Unbearable love clip-art

By ZapolzunArt in Graphics / Illustrations


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When you love someone, don’t you want to squeeze them as a Teddy bear? Once I thought “Hey! Aren’t adorable enamored bears a good idea for a Valentine cards?” So here we are.

Unbearable love clip-art pack is all you need to create sweet Valentine card designs: in love bears, a bunch of decorative clip-art, textures, frames and more. Mix and match elements even if you don't know well graphic software - for this case plenty of transparent PNGs prepared! All elements perfectly fit to A6 format, though they also can be used in mug design, small posters, screen wallpapers, gift tags. What's included in set (all RGB):

  • 8 illustrations of bears (4 individuals, 4 couples), PSD, PNG
  • 50 decorative elements (9 hearts, 16 flowers, 10 leaves, 6 stars, 1 spiral, 3 clouds, 5 textured dots) PSD, PNG
  • 4 "to-from" label to write addressee and sender on them, PSD, PNG
  • 8 "ground" strokes (long and short), PNG
  • 16 textured frames (8 square, 8 - A6 format), PNG
  • 16 textures on backdrop (8 square, 8 - A6 format), PNG
  • 5 pre-made greeting cards, PDS, JPEG

BONUS 4 seamless patterns with small cute details, AI-CC, EPS-8, PNG, JPEG (on white background)


All you’d like to know about pixel sizes:


  • the bear boy with air balloon 1460x1200
  • the bear pair with flower 1812x1200
  • the bear blowing on a flower 1684x1200
  • the bear ‘I love you’ 1588x1200
  • the hugging bears 1507x1523
  • the kissing bears 1569x1523
  • the bears from back 1344x1300
  • the girl bear sending air kiss 1408x1300


Decorations (in average)

  • hearts 140x150
  • flowers 260x270 and 200x200
  • leaves 60x200 and 100x300
  • stars 130x150
  • clouds 300x180
  • spiral 146x138 (exactly)
  • dots 60x60  


  • frames, textures A6 1240x1748
  • frames, textures square 1800x1800
  • “ground” strokes 1800x493 and 900x250
  • to-from labels (in average) 950x460



  • patterns 5000x5000
  • pre-made cards 1748x1240 and 1800x1800


Please pay attention all strokes, frames, textures and labels are different, there are no identical textures. For instance, blue A6 texture is different to pink texture or peach or lemon green in the same folder. 

Note PNG folder contains two sub-folders with bears - with and without shadows. That means bears with shadows underneath are good for white or light backgrounds.  If you open PSD files “nn_Bears” in your graphic software, you will find separate layer with shadow wich has multiply layer mode. You can place specific bear illustration on any darker background and the shadow will interact accordingly. 

Feel free to message me of you have any questions or concerns. Many thanks!  

Unbearable love clip-art

By ZapolzunArt in Graphics / Illustrations


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Additional Information

:  Complete License, Single seat

  *Please contact us for multi-seat licensing

:  Yes