Summer Actions for Photoshop

By Michelle Alzola in Add Ons / Actions


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:  Complete License

:  26th December 2017

These actions work with Photoshop CS6 and CC, and Elements 11 and Newer Versions. You must have a basic knowledge of the software’s operation.


Product Description

This set includes 39 adjustable and time-saving actions These actions were methodically programmed to not interfere with each other and designed to make your workflow easier so you don’t have to flatten the image before the next action is played.

PS Actions Included:

--Color Corrections—

-Fix Color Cast

-Reduce Yellow

-Reduce Blue

-Reduce Red

-Reduce Green

-Reduce Cyan

-Reduce Magenta

--BASE Colors (PLAY FIRST before Creative Colors)--







-Coffee Love


-Color Blast

-B/W - Black & White effect

-Sunny and Warm



-Add Color

-Jasmine Haze

-Umber Matte

-Brownish Vignette

-Dark Edge Vignette

-Add Contrast



-Clarity and Detail (Paint On)

-Remove Haze (Paint On)

-Clarity (Paint On)

-Brighten Shadows (Paint-on)

-Darken Highlights (Paint-on)

-Brighten Midtone (Paint-on)

-Brighten (Paint On)

-Darken (Paint On)

-Dark Rose (Paint On)

-Bistre Brown (Paint On)

-Dodge and Burn (Paint On)


Also Included in your purchase are the following: Working with CTP Summer Actions (PDF) – this is an instructional manual complete with illustrations that demonstrate how to Install Actions, use Masks and Brushes and Troubleshoot. It also includes Photo Recipes that show before-and-after photos and the actions used for each photo.


After purchase, a download will be available to you. This is a zip file. Please extract the file first to a separate folder where you keep your actions. Always have a back-up. (Please do a search on google about how to extract a zip file if you are having problems or new to this process.)


The file extension that you will need to install the actions is “.atn”. (It is important that you complete the zip file extraction first, because you will not be able to see the “.atn” file from an unextracted folder.)


© 2017 Colour Them Pretty by Michelle Alzola. All rights reserved.



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Summer Actions for Photoshop

By Michelle Alzola in Add Ons / Actions


Additional Information

:  Complete License

:  26th December 2017