My Favorite Illustration Procreate Brushes

By On the Mark Designs in Add Ons / Brushes $8

These are the brusehs I use every day to create illustrations for my personal and professional use! Now you have access to these same tools!

My Favorite Illustration Procreate Brushes Description

As you can see from the number of pieces I have to go with this brush set, these are my go-to all time favorite brushes that I use for a majority of my personal and professional work. I have compiled my top 8 illustrating and lettering brushes and well as 2 guide brushes to help you make beautiful art! These have been tried and tested over months of use. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


1. OTM Round Texture – Fill in large shapes and get a good base for your illustrations. 2. OTM Line Texture – Add texture to the edges of your shapes or create streaked fills. 3. OTM Grain Texture – Add a spotty texture to your drawings or lettering. 4. OTM Fine Texture – Use this as a shading brush to add depth and shape to your illustrations.  5. OTM Round Fuzzy – The perfect round lettering brush with just a touch of texture that you'll want to use on everything!  6. OTM Oval Fuzzy – The sister to the Round Fuzzy brush - this one just has a flatter feel.  7. OTM Favorite Pencil – I use this brush for 100% of my sketches before I add color as well as at least 50% of my full illustrations. It is a hugely versatile brush that I have tweaked and perfected!  8. OTM Thin Liner – My go-to brush when I want a little bit of a jagged edge on my lettering or drawing.


1. OTM Circle Brush – Tap once on the screen with this brush to create a perfect circle to help you plan out your illustrations and lettering. Size it up or down to fit your needs 2. OTM Half Circle – This brush works the same as the circle brush, but creates a nice flatter half circle. 



Zip file with 10 procreate brushes, and info image with download tips and sharing information. 

ALSO includes a lovely 10x10 digital printable of the "Better & Better" quote made with these brushes! 

Come along with me in my lettering and illustration journey and buy this pack of my favorites today! 


These brushes are only compatible with the Procreate app on the Apple iPad Pro. They do not work in Photoshop or any other program or app.


Share your amazing creations by tagging #otmbrush

Visit me at  Or on instagram @onthemarkdesigns




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Date Posted | 2nd January 2018

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